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Ofsted Report - 2019

Gosforth Nursery child playing on the tough tray with paint and toy cars

The nursery atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Staff warmly welcome children and their families as they arrive at nursery and take time to talk to parents and carers. Children demonstrate that they feel happy and secure at nursery, enjoying positive relationships with their key person and staff they regularly see. This provides a strong base for children's rapidly growing confidence and independence.

Parents' contributions are highly valued and staff provide many opportunities for parents to continue learning at home. Parents are extremely complimentary of the staff team and share how well their children have progressed during their time at nursery.

The staff are extremely well qualified and experienced and, as a result, overall, teaching is excellent. Staff undertake observational assessments and use this information to help them identify the next steps in children's learning and inform purposeful learning experiences and interactions. Learning environments are highly engaging and provide children with many opportunities for learning across all areas. The outdoor classroom provides a unique learning atmosphere, supporting children's differing learning styles.

Staff working with babies and young children are extremely nurturing. They use information from parents to ensure care needs are very well known and met. Children are supported well in their good health. They enjoy plenty of physical activity during daily outdoor play and music and movement sessions.

Children enjoy the sociable occasion of lunch and snack times and the nutritious meals provided. They are encouraged to be independent as staff support younger children to feed themselves and older children capably pour their own drinks.

Children's behaviour is excellent and staff are wonderful role models. Children are polite, use good manners and share extremely well.

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